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About us

Who Are We?

We’re a diverse group of people, based in Geneva, Zurich and Greece, who care about great olive oil and making a positive impact.

Amfora’s goal is to connect you to our farmers and their land. We want to help people consume delicious, natural Mediterranean food, without ruining the environment. We’re a farm-direct, sustainable provider of fresh extra virgin olive oils and other products. We focus on extreme quality at a reasonable price, and we deliver direct to your kitchen – without waste and without packaging. With Amfora, there’s nothing to throw away!

How does the AMFORAHOME service work?

We source our olive oils and other food from small, family-run producers in Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean, who create amazing quality but are too small to access export markets. We buy their products at a premium price and connect them with customers in Switzerland, so you can get artisanal food without paying boutique prices.

We deliver these great products direct to your kitchen with as little packaging as possible. Our olive oils come in beautiful and practical stainless steel “amforas”, 3L and 5L containers, that also keep your oil fresh. We’ll also deliver your refills when you run out. You can get our oils in 500ml bottles from our “pop up” shops and a growing number of épiceries in Suisse Romande.

Sustainability and reducing waste

Sustainability is very important for us. And it makes for better food, too.

Ecology: many of our farmers can’t afford to get full “bio” certification, and we don’t tell them how to grow their food. But most of Amfora’s farmers use no sprays, fertilizers, irrigation or treatments of any kind, apart from pruning and maintaining their land through mulching and clearing brush. However, some farmers do minimal treatments, and we’ll tell you which ones.

Zero waste: recycling won’t save the planet. Instead at Amfora we re-use. Buying a 5L amfora means 10 heavy glass olive oil bottles out of circulation. If we replace your container, we clean the old one and re-use it for someone else. We’re building a fleet of electric delivery vehicles for last mile delivery, and transport our products to market in as much bulk as we can.

Revitalizing communities: We pay our farmers a 20-50% premium to prevailing prices, with long term supply contracts. Small farmers are abandoning their land across the Mediterranean, as supermarket competition has pushed prices down to ridiculous levels. Sons and daughters see no future in farming their parents’ land and are leaving for the cities. Villages are ageing and dying, olive groves turning wild, and traditional ways of life are being lost. Amfora is an attempt to stop this, so creating beautiful artisanal food can be profitable again.

Our quality promise

Amfora only sells fresh, seasonal products. If a product has a fresher or better alternative, we won’t sell it any more. We select the best farmers, the best terroirs, the best taste, and the best oil chemistry. Our extra virgin oils are milled only from the freshest fruit, using only mechanical means, never blended, and either come from a single producer or from a single well-defined area.

We wish this was industry best practice, but it isn’t. Olive oil is a food category rife with fraud, adulteration and dishonesty. “Extra virgin” supermarket oils are rarely tested, and almost never fresh. Some may contain oils obtained using chemical solvents. Sadly, even some premium bottled oils may be a couple of years old already. We do everything to make sure this isn’t the case with the stuff we sell, by testing, being on the ground at harvest and milling, and ultimately by creating a supply chain of trusted partners who share the same values.

Our History

The founders of Amfora come from a range of disciplines, from finance, engineering, academia and agriculture, but one thing unites us: a passion for delicious, natural food, and the certain knowledge that we can do a better job for customers, producers, and the planet than the food industry says we can.

We either grew up with the Mediterranean diet, discovered it through travel, or married into it. We want to make it available to Swiss consumers at a low price and in a responsible way. And we want more people to join us in our passion!

We love Amfora because of the great quality, the access to artisanal production and respect for the ancestral heritage of the farmers

Yassine, Manager and Head Chef

Zaizai, Geneva

The quality and origin of our ingredients is key to our cuisine. Amfora gives us both. We get proximity to the farmers and impeccable service!

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Amfora c'est pour nous un signe de qualité. La sécurité d'avoir un produit frais, conditionné de manière optimal. La sécurité d'une culture seine et du respect des famille qui cultivent les olives.

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